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Emerald Sunset

Amongst the poor showing of dragonflies remaining on farmer Luc’s lake this September is the Willow Emerald (Lestes viridis). Willow Emeralds are interesting critters in that they do not oviposit in water. Rather, they lay their eggs in the thinner,

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Red Letter Day

Well, pink actually, but I need some poetic license. 😀 During our June trip here, Francine spotted an unusual looking dragonfly; unusual in that it was the shape of a Scarlet Darter (Crocothemis erythrea) but t appeared to be pink

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Satan in Heaven

We have arrived back at the site that I tend to refer to as our slice of heaven the sheep farm at Fanjeaux. What made it so heavenly for me? Well, it is a small site of just 25 very

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Provence Summary

We moved on from Provence to Montagnac in the Hérault today. Here, we are meeting up with friends Mike & Linda and hoping to celebrate a double birthday in Francine’s favourite birthday lunch spot, Marseillan harbour. It’s a double birthday

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Peau de Meau

There are many so-called flat areas in the world. In the UK, the county of Norfolk is generally, somewhat disparagingly referred to as being flat: “Oh, Norfolk, yes, it’s terribly flat”. From an alcohol-dulled memory, I seem to recall that

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Surprising Afternoon

As it turned out, the weather wasn’t anything like as bad as we were led to believe. In fact, the afternoon was quite pleasant. So pleasant that, once again, we returned to our local, small (no) fishing lakes. Once again

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Etang de Cistude

Today we thought we’d try and find some wildlife habitats further from home and drove a few kilometres to the Étang de Cistude. (Cistude is, apparently the European Pond Tortoise which, I assume means European Terrapin in proper English.) Here

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Odo-nutter Network

Now, look, I’m no great fan of management B.S. Darwin knows, I have to suffer enough of it in my time. One of the worst aspects was attending professional functions and being asked to “network” with others. That used to

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Space at a Premium

Last year farmer Luc’s lake was not looking healthy enough for his liking. Most of the fish in it had died and much of the lake’s surface was covered with weed. Mind you, it did support a large population of

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Damsels in Distress

In an attempt to avoid our local breezy, cool, overcast weather this morning, we went to investigate a new-to-us stretch of La Rigole, the cleverly constructed small canal that feeds the Canal du Midi with water from les Montagnes Noires.

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