Provence Summary

We moved on from Provence to Montagnac in the Hérault today. Here, we are meeting up with friends Mike & Linda and hoping to celebrate a double birthday in Francine’s favourite birthday lunch spot, Marseillan harbour. It’s a double birthday because Linda’s is the day before Francine’s. In parting, here’s a swift summary of how kind Provence has been to us.

We’ve had six days of this, Franco’s favourite colour:


In those six days of pretty much unbroken clear blue skies, we’ve braved the heat and managed to hunt down the following entirely new delightful Odonata to add to our growing collection: the Spotted Darter (Sympetrum depressiusculum); the utterly captivating Copper Demoiselle (Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis) and the Southern Skimmer (Orthetrum brunneum).

IMG_1587_Spotted_Darter_male IMG_1668_Copper_Demoiselle_male IMG_1798_Southern_Skimmer_male

Oh, and sometimes you don’t have to go hunting. This also new character, a Lesser Emperor Dragonfly (Anax parthenope) helpfully came and landed on the hedge surrounding our pitch on the campsite:


Added to the two new species we spotted in La Brenne, I’d say six new species amounted to a good good trip so far.

Now, time to do something a little different, including, we hope, some cycling to counteract the celebrations. 😀

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