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Seeing Red

This trip is planned to break a little with our tradition. We usually try to go for a mixture of new areas and favourite reliable areas. Our favourite reliable area is a dairy sheep farm at Fanjeaux, just south of

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Autumn, 2011: Postscript

Well, here we are getting used to life again back at home. We’re over our ferry lag and the car has had a new windscreen fitted courtesy of the insurance and a £75.00 excess. Ferry lag? Yes, ferry lag. There’s

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Harnessing the Wind

Today was the Sunday to travel home. Normally, I’d have been upset about going home but the weather was so awful, clouds on the deck and steady rain, that it softened the blow. What it didn’t soften was the packing

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Lunch in Dieppe

Having arrived in Neufchâtel-en-Bray a day earlier than we thought, we decided to treat ourselves to a seafood lunch in Dieppe which lies a mere 20 miles to the north. Dieppe is one of the channel ferry ports, though not

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The Journey North

At Bagnère-de-Bigorre in the Pyrenees, we were just about as far south in France as it’s possible to be without being in Spain. 😀 Having enjoyed an amazing spell of clear blue skies in the mountains, we had to face

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Another Victory for Automation

Remember those halcyon days in shops when the shop keeper would look at your item, know the price of it and ring that price straight into the till/cash register? That system was very quick and efficient for the paying customer.

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Lac d’Ourrec

We’ve scored two strikes on walking up various high bits of the Pyrenees so far. A trip or two ago, we decided to strike out for Andorra starting at one of our favourite mountain locations, the barrage de Soulcem. We

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Fêtes des Mariolles

All of our exploring here at Bagnères-de-Bigorre has begun by driving up the Vallée de Campan. Campan is a large village/small town a few kilometres east of us which we had to pass through to get to the climbs up

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Col d’Aspin

Having driven up the giant Col du Tourmalet yesterday, we thought we’d try another of the Tour de France cols, the Col  d’Aspin. The most important quality an organizer of Le Tour can possess is that he or she be

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Col du Tourmalet

When we were camped in Fanjeaux last week, we visited one of this year’s Tour de France mountain top finishes, the Plateau de Beille, and very pretty it was, too. Now we’ve moved west we are in the high Pyrenees

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