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Seeing Red

This trip is planned to break a little with our tradition. We usually try to go for a mixture of new areas and favourite reliable areas. Our favourite reliable area is a dairy sheep farm at Fanjeaux, just south of

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La Prise Reprise

About 32kms/20mls north of us in the Montagnes Noires is la prise d’eau d’Alzeau, literally the place where water is captured from the river Alzeau. It is the beginning of La Rigole. We’re familiar with the word rigole from the

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Pyrenean Picnic

Mountains make a useful escape from days which may be getting hot and sticky in the valleys but you have to pick the right day. The valley may be hot and humid but mountains tend to attract weather and if

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Long-Term Interest

There are a few areas of France that are capable of holding our attention, not only repeatedly and for extended periods of time. The Marais Poitevin is certainly one of those areas. Our interest began many years ago when we

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Games We Play

Here’s a quaint little game that Francine and I quite often play upon arrival at a new campsite. First, we wander round and select a likely pitch. Second, we drag Guillaume (our caravan) to the chosen pitch and set him

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