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Cherchez les Femmes

The track into our current blissful campsite crosses the top of farmer Luc’s digue [dyke]. The dyke holds back the water  and forms the lake beside which we are camped. I keep expecting the Dutch contingent to rush up to

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A Roundabout Way

Many years ago when Francine and I started travelling to France, there were no roundabouts. All road junctions were just that, junctions – cross-roads and the like. There were, of course, a few oddities peculiar to the French, such as

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Great Drivers – NOT!

Much as we may love France and many of the French we’ve met, it has to be said that they are not the world’s greatest drivers. They believe they are, of course, as is evidenced by the fact that they

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Something Fishy

Our ferry is tomorrow (Sunday) at around midday. Once again we’ve made for our favoured and brilliantly run campsite in Neufchâtel-en-Bray, Normandy. It’s an easy 2½ hour run to Calais from here, providing we don’t run into any bouchons (traffic

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Annual Migration

Approaching the end of another trip around La Belle France. As usual, Francine and I had to decide how best to approach the unwelcome journey north: three easier days or two longer days. Also as usual, once we get onto

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Assault on Andorra

… on foot, that is. Having spent a v. hot day a few days ago discovering the relative cool (24°C/75°F) of the Soulcem barrage (dam) in the Vicdessos valley, we fell in love with the place. It’s a stunningly picturesque

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In for a Good Cause

Last year while travelling in France I was developing my usual cracked heels problem from sun and sandals (without socks!). Francine, having somehow managed to drag me into a sports shop, spotted some helpful looking shoes called Techamphibians by Salomon.

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Frog Alert!

Decision time: we are on a pitch that has been booked by others beginning on Sunday so we have to move. The question was whether to move pitches and stay here or to try somewhere new. To cut a long

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Respite in the Pyrenees

Not that we’re complaining at all but we’ve been having a run of wonderfully sunny weather and the temperatures have been climbing. Today, senior host Marcel was talking about temperatures being forecast to hit 35°C/95°F around Fanjeaux. With a clear

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Pretty Destructive

Being a farm site with a reasonably sized lake, our camp site and Fanjeaux is home to a diverse collection of wildlife. The lake currently has a family of mallards, a family of coots and some frustrating little grebes that

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