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Lac d’Ourrec

We’ve scored two strikes on walking up various high bits of the Pyrenees so far. A trip or two ago, we decided to strike out for Andorra starting at one of our favourite mountain locations, the barrage de Soulcem. We

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Fêtes des Mariolles

All of our exploring here at Bagnères-de-Bigorre has begun by driving up the Vallée de Campan. Campan is a large village/small town a few kilometres east of us which we had to pass through to get to the climbs up

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To the Mountains

In our experience, you can’t plan a trip to the mountains (in Europe, at least). We are not beach people, we are much more at home in the countryside and there is no more majestic countryside than mountains. The trouble

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Plateau de Beille

Francine and I have become fans of the Tour de France. I think one of the main reasons is that, after a 6-ish-week trip around France in June and early July, the three weeks of Le Tour when back at

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Le Barrage de Soulcem

Our Saturday newspaper, Aujourd’hui, predicted une canicule [scorching heat] of a weekend. The little weather maps on the back page showed Bordeaux suffering the full ferocity of our nearby celestial nuclear fusion reactor with temperatures peaking at 39°C/102°F – not

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Pyrenean Picnic

Mountains make a useful escape from days which may be getting hot and sticky in the valleys but you have to pick the right day. The valley may be hot and humid but mountains tend to attract weather and if

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Respite in the Pyrenees

Not that we’re complaining at all but we’ve been having a run of wonderfully sunny weather and the temperatures have been climbing. Today, senior host Marcel was talking about temperatures being forecast to hit 35°C/95°F around Fanjeaux. With a clear

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Purpose of Cols

We have become fans of Le Tour, the Tour de France. Staying a week longer in France this year, we are going to miss the first week on television and will have to try and catch up during the second

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