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Chicken Feed

After a few nights of lashing rain, we decided to put our chicken remnants back out again to see if the wandering waste disposers still loved us. The bait went out at 23:15. I’m sure we had no fog or

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Filthy Night

We had a left over chicken carcass last night, which I put out in the rain at 23:30. I think it rained most of the night. This morning the chicken, most of it anyway, was still lying on the grass,

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Grey Out

On Saturday we had used our lockdown exercise walk to wander into town for a raid on our monthly farmers market. It’s about a 4½-mile round trip, so a decent stretch. I’ve become addicted to real ducks, ducks from the

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A Quiet Night

I put out three more of Aldi’s pork slurry sausages. I’ve taken to halving them crosswise in the hope that the pieces would be too thick for the pesky cats mouths. When I retrieved foxcam I did have quite a

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Surprise, Surprise!

I chucked a few sausages and chicken leg bones out last night for our wandering waste disposal operatives. My heart sank a little when, having retrieved foxcam, I connected it and saw that I had nearly 30 video clips. My

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Rudely Awoken

Backing onto a wood, there are a few night time noises that I’m used to hearing. As well as Tawny Owls hooting, we frequently get Muntjac wandering past “barking”; it really sounds more like a cough and is relatively regular,

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Fleet: Exit Stage Right

Last night, as is our habit when we have a roast chicken for Sunday dinner, I put out the chicken carcass. This is not just food, this is M&S food. Well, actually it’ was free range Waitrose food. 🙂 Having

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Aldi’s Finest

We needed more fox bait. I certainly didn’t want to keep snagging (bloody) cats. I wondered about a party pack of Richmond Pork Sausages, which I wouldn’t normally countenance but for fox bait, they may be OK. We walked in

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New Toy

For many years now we’ve suspected that our back garden is regularly visited by a fox. Actually, given that wild foxes have only a relatively short lifespan [2-5 yrs] we’d be talking about several foxes. We always put out our

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Bookcases in beech proved a little difficult to find; an oak finish is quite common but not so beech. We did eventually find some in beech at Nobis Education Furniture. Furthermore, there was a narrow [400mm], tall [1800mm] unit that

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