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Dust Up

Some weeks ago at one of our all-too-infrequent [once a month] farmers market days, I bought a venison haunch from our favourite game butcher. I left it wrapped and put in the freezer until the time felt right. On Friday

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Oxburgh Versus Oxborough

A National Truss – sorry, National Trust – day and a bit of a conundrum. Beside the village of Oxborough lies Oxburgh Hall. Why the different spelling, I wonder? Go figure, as Amerispeak would have it. Along with woodland walks,

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On the Trail of Pingos

This always makes me think of 101 Dalmatians; Pongo, if memory serves, was the father of said batch of painfully cute Disney Dalmatian puppies. Ya gotta love ‘em. A pingo, on the other hand, is “a periglacial landform”. So there!

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A Desert Rats Tale

We’re back in Nelson’s county, good ol’ Norfolk, but not anywhere near the Broads this time; we’ve come to Thetford Forest to enjoy the English summer which, this year, appears to be about a week between 15th and 23rd July.

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I resorted to scattered peanuts again hoping that a badger might be tempted into our garden again. No such luck. We did, however, attract a very attractive fox; it looks sleek and pristine and maybe a bit small so is

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At Last!

Lamb shoulder bones were on the menu again for Foxcam last night. We really are addicted to barbecued lamb shoulder. The bones were gratefully cleaned up by our latest fox with the kink in its brush. It would be intriguing

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New Guard?

Foxcam has been having a rest recently. Clearly we’ve been eating the wrong stuff and our wildlife has consequently suffered some neglect. Back to the chickens and foxes. Foxcam has been out covering a couple of chicken carcasses for two

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Flopsy has a Feast

It looks as though we have another new fox around. Either that or it’s one of our older friends with something irritating its left ear. I was being lazy and put out an entire chicken carcass. This may be good

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Peanut Party

I did try putting out some peanuts, quite a while ago now, in the hope that I might interest one of our local badgers. Unfortunately, I found out that foxes, who tend to pitch up earlier, also like peanuts. Since

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Foxcam Repurposed

YUK! Maybe I could refer to myself as Foxcam Repurposing Solutions. Anyway, I forgot to write this one … On one of our Foxcam nights, we’d noticed a small furry critter scurry across our central flower bed. So, much as

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