The Journey North

At Bagnère-de-Bigorre in the Pyrenees, we were just about as far south in France as it’s possible to be without being in Spain. 😀 Having enjoyed an amazing spell of clear blue skies in the mountains, we had to face the eternal question of when to start our return journey – two long days or three shorter days? Since we were leaving unfamiliar territory and knew we’d be driving into poor weather, we opted for three shorter days and struck out for Limoges (or thereabouts) at 08:30, or à bonne heure as the French would have it, on Thursday.

Our journey to Limoges was smooth and we arrived mid afternoon. As expected the weather was uninspiring so, with neither the time nor inclination to do anything constructive after setting up, we invoked the female prerogative, – changed our minds and kept going. May as well use the time constructively putting kilometres behind us. At 16:00 we pulled into a campsite near Châteauroux. I really don’t like setting up in the rain. 😉

Another 5½hrs  towing in revoltingly strong winds got us to Neufchâtel-en-Bray in Normandy today so we did it in a relatively easy two days after all. It’s raining off and on. I really don’t like setting up in the rain. 😉

No wonder they have very lush green grass for all the famous Normandy cows that make Neufchâtel cheese in these parts.

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