Surprising Afternoon

As it turned out, the weather wasn’t anything like as bad as we were led to believe. In fact, the afternoon was quite pleasant. So pleasant that, once again, we returned to our local, small (no) fishing lakes. Once again hawk-eyes Francine spotted a damselfly that we didn’t immediately recognize. Probably because it looked a little drab, in a brown sort of way, Francine suspected it was a female something. When I snapped it, however, I saw what looked like male appendages. Once again, wait ‘til later to scour the book for likely suspects.

IMG_1559_Winter_Damselfly When we returned there really was no doubt, Francine had spotted our first example of the so-called Winter Damselfly (Sympecma fusca). Stunning, again, in a brown sort of way.

I could go home now and I’d be very happy – 3½ new species in 3½ days. Quite incredible!

1st September may not have been happy for ducks but it was good for odo-nutters.

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