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Black Beauties

My main quarry on this trip was a dragonfly I’ve been wanting to see all year; a Black Darter (Sympetrum danae). They aren’t scarce nor do they have a particularly restricted range, being pretty much all over the northern parts

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Odo-nutter Network

Now, look, I’m no great fan of management B.S. Darwin knows, I have to suffer enough of it in my time. One of the worst aspects was attending professional functions and being asked to “network” with others. That used to

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Scary Spiders

Not that Franco and Francine are prone to getting stuck in ruts, but we’ve headed for the New Forest yet again. The scariest aspect of this trip is that Satan’s Little Disciples are on the loose from their sanity-preserving schools

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Last Day of Bliss

Our last day in the New Forest and it was a wonderful start: yet more clear blue skies and little in the way of wind. Our legs had recuperated and our bike wheels were hopefully now protected against any further

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In With Flint

Or was it “In Like Flint”? How time dulls the memory. [Ed: And alcohol!] Anyway, yesterday something like a flint went into my bicycle tyre. So, today it was in with flint protection. Cycling may be great fun in our

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Cycling Gauntlets

At first glance, cyclist appear to have been well catered for in the New Forest. Choosing my words carefully, there are quite a few purpose made cycle tracks around various areas of the National Park. For casual cycling round and

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Very Lou Reed

Perfect Day’s do not come much more perfect than this. There hasn’t been even a hint of a cloud in the sky from dawn ‘til dusk and the unbroken sunshine has not been accompanied by any chill wind. In fact,

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Bucklers Hard

With a another fine day in the offing, this one with only a very light breeze, things were looking good for a bicycle trip. Yesterday, after our visit to friends, we called in at Beaulieu, home of the National Motor

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First of Spring

Today was the first day of spring and, unusually, our luck seems to be holding weather-wise; we had another day of beautiful blue skies. I can only hope that this trend will continue for the rest of spring. [Ed: Dream

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Parapenters Revisited

This is the first trip on which we’ve used Wellington boots and they certainly are taking a beating. [Ed: As a Francophile, it’s a shame the Wellingtons didn’t take a beating at Waterloo.] They are certainly very practical given the

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