First of Spring

Today was the first day of spring and, unusually, our luck seems to be holding weather-wise; we had another day of beautiful blue skies. I can only hope that this trend will continue for the rest of spring. [Ed: Dream on!] It’s looking good so far because our forecast for the coming week is for a continuing dry spell, even if with more cloud. We’ll take the dry.

We’ve been off visiting friends today so there’s not a great deal to occupy Le Franco File. Today did begin with the escalation of the squirrel wars early in the morning, though. One grey miscreant figured out that it could raise my plastic waste-pipe sleeve and help itself to the hitherto protected birds’ fat ball feast. There was nothing for it but to deploy my ultimate weapon, the Vaseline! I put a damn good slathering over the plastic waste pipe. It would be a real hoot if a squirrel got greasy paws and slipped off the branch. 😀

So, with the birds’ food supply hopefully again protected and in recognition of the excellent start to spring, when birds get ready to do what they and the bees are said to get up to, I thought I’d publish a few snaps of some of the avian visitors we’ve had to our pitch so far. If squirrels are tree rats, then woodpigeons are flying rats. Personally, I’d find the Woodpigeon more appealing on a plate, having been gently simmered in a little chicken stock with some mushrooms and locally smoked bacon but, well, they are quite attractive colours, really, aren’t they?

IMG_8400_Greenfinch_1 IMG_8409_Woodpigeon IMG_8416_Blackbird IMG_8423_Marsh_Tit IMG_8431_Chaffinch IMG_8436_Blue_Tit IMG_8500_Dunnock IMG_8506_Long-tailed_Tit

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