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Satan in Heaven

We have arrived back at the site that I tend to refer to as our slice of heaven the sheep farm at Fanjeaux. What made it so heavenly for me? Well, it is a small site of just 25 very

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Barn Doors

It’s been a funny ol’ day. I need to back up a little, though. Yesterday we trotted off to McD’s for a dose of McWiFi to post some blog entries, all of which were lurking in Windows Live Writer on

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Little and Large

Another long hop (for us heading south) of 300 miles-ish from La Brenne to Millau, home of the magnificent Norman Foster designed viaduct. Apparently, Norman Foster also designed that so-called Gherkin building in London but everyone has their off days.

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Bunting Hunting

Small birds are tricky to photograph. Something the size of, say, a Golden Eagle gives a photographer a fighting chance, especially if it sits still, stares at you and says, “aren’t I pretty – why not take my portrait?” [Ed:

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In With Flint

Or was it “In Like Flint”? How time dulls the memory. [Ed: And alcohol!] Anyway, yesterday something like a flint went into my bicycle tyre. So, today it was in with flint protection. Cycling may be great fun in our

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Coconut Shy

The weather pattern so far has been this: murky but dry mornings with the weak-ish mid-March sun burning off the mist to reveal a pleasantly sunny afternoon. It’s been dry so, for this time of year, I’m very content. There

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