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Marais Revisited

Well, if this was an example of a French stormy day, bring it on. There were a couple of spells of rain overnight – other than precisely three drops when we were out scouring the countryside for Francine’s orchids this

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Franco and Francine Font le Pique-Nique

French time is weird. France is on Central European Time but it obviously isn’t central Europe (other than politically, of course!). France is quite clearly western Europe. 10:00 AM in France feels like early morning which, in fact, it is;

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An Intro to the Marais

The network of channels and canals that drain the marais encloses a series of fields which are put to various uses by the locals. The water channels are described with some precision by specific words according to their size. Having

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À la Marais

We tend to buy a French newspaper to have access to a relatively reliable weather forecast showing the whole country. This way, we can avoid intentionally driving into storms. We bought one in Luché-Pringé and everything looks set fair at

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Adieu to the Marais

This weekend turned out to be a very busy one in Arçais. The sun, which had been shining for the last few days, continued unabated and our campsite all but filled up. It began to feel as though we were

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Lunch Emergency

Mike seemed keen on getting a little exercise having another week working back in Blighty so we went and dragged him out for a bike ride. Like us, Mike is also fascinated by wildlife so our trip turned into more

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Action Stations

What a difference a day of sunshine makes, not just to we humans but to the whole of nature, it seems. The Marais Poitevin is something of a wildlife haven. With its intricate network of canals, one might reasonably assume

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The Chain Gang

At last, after four days of irritating rain, a settled day – not sunny but settled nonetheless. A slightly stir-crazy Franco and Francine made good their escape from camp à bicyclettes. We were off in search of coypus or ragondins

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Drought Protection

It’s supposed to be dry tomorrow. Meanwhile, today, the rain continued in an irritatingly sporadic kind of way. What better time to be given an insight into French water engineering for allotments? The Marais Poitevin has what appears to be

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