Short Walk to Orba Castle

Our now regular Monday walk with Helen’s group was a little abbreviated today due to some clashing appointments later in the day. We did just about two miles, one there and one back so, from an exercise point of view, it’s a good job that about half of one direction was up.

There’s little to describe en route so I’ll just let a couple of photos from my crappy phone camera speak for me. Here’s most of what little remains of Orba Castle at the top of the hill.

20180122_100158 Orba Castle

To me, though, that’s not really the point. As a brief aside, I’ve have never understood the fascination with pot-holing, maybe because geology bores me witless. I can, however, understand perfectly any fascination with mountaineering or, at least, scaling heights. The view that one gets makes the effort completely worthwhile. Here’s Murla seen from Orba castle.

20180122_094041 Murla from Orba Castle

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