Effin’ Cats

Having stocked up on four sets of lithium batteries to power foxcam, I haven’t been putting it out recently. TBH, the images it captures are such rubbish and the video is even worse that I have become somewhat disenchanted with it. Seeing what comes into ones garden is interesting but from a photographer’s viewpoint, forget it.

However, last night we had a rather splendid free range chicken carcass scented with fresh spring garlic [don’t ask] and tarragon. Well, we enjoyed the meaty bits so out it went under the watchful but very blurry eye of foxcam.

muntjacI had actually staked out and activated foxcam early, before the bait went out. When I finally went into the garden to toss out the carcass, I was surprised by a muntjac. It seems that I was more surprised than was the muntjac. Without panicking, it watched me briefly before sauntering off slowly, largely unconcerned.

I threw the carcass onto the grass.

Other than that one very welcome recording of a muntjac, all foxcam snagged the entire night was 38 snippets of f*****g cats tucking into the mouth-watering chicken.

I really am going to have to use the trail camera for its primary American-mindset purpose, namely hunting. I feel catapult practice sessions coming on with unnatural predators being the target.

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