For Sale; Bushnell Prime Low-Glow trailcam. Free gift: 3 sets of lithium batteries.

The last two carcasses that have gone out have been ignored by everything but blasted cats. The first of those went out on a filthy night with heavy rain, so we gave it the benefit of the doubt. [Silly, really – foxes still have to eat.]

Last night, however, suffered from no such problems and all we got was 57 clips of blasted cats.

Our neighbour has a nice new fence all around his back garden and, whilst the fence looks very smart, it has blocked what we believed to be the main route in for nocturnal wildlife. There should be other ways in, such as our suspected exit route, but nothing is showing.

I have a nice new catapult, currently looking much more useful than the trailcam. 👿

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