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Following a couple of failed attempts at attracting wildlife into our back garden with left over bones and carcasses since our neighbour’s new fence was installed, I decided to move the trailcam down to monitor the woodland over our back fence. It leaves it in a more vulnerable position, open to being lifted by any passing nocturnal miscreant, but it should monitor activity in the wild.

I did toss a lamb should bone over the fence, too.

Muntjac 2022-01-25-3Success! First up at around 21:30 was a passing Muntjac. Being a vegetarian, this clearly hadn’t been attracted by my lamb shoulder but it contentedly munched plants for a few minutes outside our gate. I like the new view; it’s much more natural looking. These are sometimes called barking deer and we frequently hear them living up to their name as they wander pass at night.

Later, a second Muntjac, this time a male with antlers, moved through but it didn’t align well enough or stay still enough for a decent screen grab.

Fox-1 2022-01-25-1At 21:40 our first Fox turned up. It sniffed around and found where I had thrown the lamb bone, then proceeded to drag it out and have a chew in situ before picking it up and exiting with it downhill to the rear of the scene. It returned about 20 minutes later, presumably having eaten its first course, to pick up a 2nd smaller morsel which it also trotted off with.

A second Fox sniffed around just before midnight and a third at about 02:30. I’m almost sure these were other individuals but clarity wasn’t the greatest.

More interesting was a Badger which ran past from left to right along the path at 03:30. Maybe I should try some peanuts outside the gate though I know from previous experience that the Foxes will also snaffle peanuts.

I need to make some minor adjustment to my camera angles but it was OK for a first try.

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3 comments on “New Location
  1. Maureen Barlin says:

    Well, that seems to have been a successful relocation of the camera. Lovely to have all that activity outside your garden gate!

  2. BlasR says:

    Good new location.

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