Badger City

This time I tried foxcam looking over the garden fence without any bait, just to see what might normally be happening outside in the woods. What a treat.

Fox peeing 2022-01-27-1Quite early in the evening, a bit before 21:00, a Fox was wandering by, had a quick sniff and felt the need to relieve itself on the plants just beyond our gate.

Another Fox (less marking on the muzzle) wandered past without pausing 30 minutes later.

Badger-1 2022-01-27-1It was at midnight the real action began when a Badger entered the arena and began sniffing about in the leaves on the opposite side of the path. ‘T was murky.

The Badger spent a good 30 minutes grubbing about in shot.

It returned shortly before 01:00 to root about further away in woods. (It’s top right, just beyond the tree trunk.) As it was doing so two other badgers trotted past from left to right, disappeared from shot, then ran back into shot from right to left. They were moving too fast for a still to be of any use so I’ll try a video. Compare the leaf litter to the earliest picture and see how much has been disturbed. Great stuff, 3-in-1.


The badger activity continued until about 03:00. Life in the woods.

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2 comments on “Badger City
  1. Maureen Barlin says:

    Another success! It is all happening in the woods.

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