Dust Up

Some weeks ago at one of our all-too-infrequent [once a month] farmers market days, I bought a venison haunch from our favourite game butcher. I left it wrapped and put in the freezer until the time felt right.

On Friday we’d returned a day early from Norfolk due to the arrival of a caravan loaded with no less than six of Satan’s Little Disciples. No sooner had they pitched up than a neighbouring couple threw the towel in, wound up the stays and moved pitches. These truly were from hell. It was about 15:30 and, surrounded by constant screaming and running riot, it wasn’t long before we followed suit. Since we were originally to leave early in the morning and since the overcast had not disappeared, it made sense that our move of pitch should be to Guillaume’s storage field just two hours away.

On Sunday the time felt right so out came the venison haunch. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from “haunch” but it turned out to a back leg of a [small] deer, maybe a muntjac. Roasted for 50 minutes on the standard bed of vegetables, the meat was delicious and … I had bones left for a wandering fox so out went foxcam as well.

Fox meets CatI was disappointed to see our neighbourhood black-and-white-bastard cat sniffing around. Then I saw a couple of extra gleaming eyes enter stage right. Our most recent fox wandered in looking a bit wary but drawn to the smell of venison bones.

Given the frequent visits of both, I’d been waiting for a meeting like this for some time. This should prove to be interesting.

The close approach of both protagonists regrettably fell in the 5-second gap between two recording clips but the next clip showed the much of the confrontation. I’m a stills photographer through and through and really neither do nor, generally, appreciate video but this seemed to make the effort worthwhile.

Years ago I did see a cat versus fox encounter and, with a vicious set of swiping claws to avoid, the cat was top dog, if you see what I mean. Cats really are killing machines. I haven’t seen our little mouse for a while so I do hope it’s survived.

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