The Garden Effect

IMG_0595_Lakeside_pitch We are staying in pitch 20 of a sheep farm site at Fanjeaux. It is one of the four main, sought after lakeside pitches. To our right (as we look at the lake) is pitch 19. Pitch 19, being a hedged, well shaded but curiously triangular pitch, is most suited to tents. Pitch 19 is affectionately known as le jardin [the garden].

Up until yesterday evening we had seen two sets of campers arrive, choose to camp in the garden for several days, then depart for pastures new. On both occasions that new campers had pitched up in the garden, the weather collapsed and it rained. Superstitious suspicions grew.

Yesterday evening Nadine accompanied a lone young walker, his backpack almost as large as himself, down to the camp site to show him around. He is probably walking along the GR (Grande Randonnée) long-distance footpath which passes along the edge of the farm. After a tour of inspection, they went back to the farm to check him in. Shortly he returned and made straight for the garden where he erected a very neat, small, one-man tent before settling in for the evening. The wind increased and rain began lashing Guillaume’s roof.

Three out of three – the garden maintained it’s 100% record. 😉

IMG_1373_Combine_Harvester As well as his shared moissonneuse [combine harvester] giving him problems, farmer Luc is suffering a bit of a weather-disrupted harvest with the ups and downs of this June’s climate. I think we’ll suggest that he stops Nadine letting any further campers select the garden pitch.

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