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A World Apart

Yesterday’s planned itinerary to the mediæval town of St. Céré turned into a slight disappointment. Admittedly, being the Ascension public holiday, St. Céré was basically closed along with the rest of France, though in typically Gallic fashion several locals were

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Dawn Chorus

Most mornings in the Marais Poitevin, we awoke to a regular but fascinatingly varied dawn chorus started, as at home, by a Robin proclaiming his territory. He was quickly joined by a Song Thrush and a Blackbird before various other

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Suspension of Sanity

Our overnight stop at Brantôme was quite pleasant with broken cloud/sunny intervals and a riverside pitch complete with a friendly moorhen, which I’ve never before witnessed. It’s diet was fascinating, too. As well as tromping across teh grass to retrieve

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