Still Up

As advertised, overnight we were pummelled by gusting 45mph winds and lashed by the horizontal rain that they carried. Our new air awning is still up and seems to have survived. I have had to engineer a solution to stop the padded sides vibrating against the van.

Regrettably the wind is also still up and the rain is still coming down – well, across, anyway. I must say that the materiel of the new awning seems excellent; very water repellent. We have had awnings beneath which you can feel a fine mist in bad weather. Nothing of that sort here.

St-Bennetts-AbbeyThese weather conditions persisted pretty much all day, save for a short lull in the lashing rain mid-afternoon when we braved the elements and went out to get blown to St. Bennett’s Abbey  before fighting our way back along the dyke beside the River Ant into a stiff headwind. Our walk certainly blew away the cobwebs but could hardly have been described as pleasant. Francine snagged the abbey on her telephone. Well, why not? Now, if I could just make a phone call on my camera we might have something.

The rain resumed its horizontal trajectory five minutes after we were safely back inside Guillaume.

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