Plastered Again

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis morning was quite busy once more with our jolly Plumbers Mates in to test their new underfloor pipework. A damn good idea before burying it in flooring compound, I thought. That meant them filing the system and then firing up the boiler. [Our hot water has been via an immersion heater for the duration.]

Glitch: the central heating system didn’t fire up. Much head-scratching. The thermostat was live and the boiler electronics were live but there was no glimmer of life from the main central heating controller. All electrical circuits are connected so we had a puzzle. One Plumbers Mate popped out to collect a replacement controller, which is fortunately still current. That fixed it. It seems that all our blipping on and off of power in the earlier days of the project had somehow fried or otherwise buggered the original controller.

Happily the new soon-to-be-underfloor pipework proved sound and all was now well. I popped out to get yet another matchpot of paint.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABuilder Men were, of course, here as well. Their task today was more plastering; having done the ceilings before the weekend they now attacked the walls. They are plastering down just far enough to disappear behind cabinets, where there are some. I am looking forward to having nice, smooth virgin walls to paint. Given a choice I’d never use paper again. The trouble is, once an emulsioned wall has been papered, you pretty much have to paper it from then on ‘cos some paint sticks to the wall and some comes off with the paper creating a ridged patchwork.

This chap makes plastering look easy. I still say it isn’t.

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