Peanut Party

I did try putting out some peanuts, quite a while ago now, in the hope that I might interest one of our local badgers. Unfortunately, I found out that foxes, who tend to pitch up earlier, also like peanuts. Since I’d put them out in a modest pile, the fox, I think, vacuumed up most of the peanuts.

This time we adopted the approach of scattering peanuts liberally all over what passes in our back garden for grass. We’re [that is Francine] trying to leave the grass in the hope of benefitting the smaller wildlife. The longer grass made searching for the peanuts necessary.

Fox and Badger-1The scattering approach seemed much more successful. We had both badger and fox, peacefully co-existing and snuffling around in the grass for tasty morsels.

Actually, it was in one respect a little too successful since it took quite a while to find all the peanuts and I ended up with over 40 video clips to work through. Still, better than having none, eh?

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