Foxcam Repurposed

YUK! Maybe I could refer to myself as Foxcam Repurposing Solutions. Anyway, I forgot to write this one …

On one of our Foxcam nights, we’d noticed a small furry critter scurry across our central flower bed. So, much as I dislike having to reposition the tripod [I usually get it wrong and need to adjust], I decided to place it looking down at roughly the spot where we’d seen our little critter. I had to get in close.

Small CritterMy second night of trying was more successful and we did capture a typically poor quality shot of something small and cute. I wouldn’t put money on any identification made from this but, given the long tail and quite prominent ears, I think our critter is a Mouse rather than a Vole but I’ll go no further than that.

Now to put Foxcam back where it’s supposed to be.

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2 comments on “Foxcam Repurposed
  1. Trish says:

    Graham thinks it’s Apodemus sylvaticus Wood Mouse. House mice are usually a bit darket

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