Flopsy has a Feast

It looks as though we have another new fox around. Either that or it’s one of our older friends with something irritating its left ear.

I was being lazy and put out an entire chicken carcass. This may be good value for the fox, which tends to run away with it all, though one did stay in the garden to crunch up one carcass, but it isn’t great value for getting video footage.

Our diner on this occasion kept its left ear down a little and twitched it occasionally. Obviously something was causing it an irritation or itch. This is one of those features that can clear up and so makes for a poor identification pointer.

Whole chicken carcassThe ear issue didn’t seem to put it off its free dinner, though.

I really must chop up the carcass next time.

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One comment on “Flopsy has a Feast
  1. BlasR says:

    Lucky fella despite his (cute) ear.

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