Peaceful Solitude

Since our first two days of unadulterated sunshine, the weather has become considerably more seasonal. Let’s face it, 31C in May is something of an aberration. We want to be in the Marais Poitevin by the weekend to rendez-vous with friends but needed to decide when to move on. Since we seem to have landed in camping heaven, a rural farm site where we are the sole occupants, we’ve decided to stay here and make the most of our solitude until Friday, when we’ll travel the 100 miles or so into the marais.

It is such a treat to have this absolute peace and quiet. Quite frankly, it never happens in England. Well, to be completely fair there is one field in England where we have, on occasion, been completely alone but, at any time of year it’s pretty much the Holy Grail. We dare not travel anywhere at any time in England without booking. Not only has one always got company, there’s usually too much of it. In France, even in high season, in 25 years of camping, we have never booked anything but the ferry crossings. On one occasion only have we been unable to get onto a campsite that we had been aiming for.

Here we are with a beautifully rural setting all to ourselves. We’re going to enjoy it while we can.

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