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Piggin’ Awful Weather

In the middle of last night the Great British weather let rip with a vengeance; I was awoken by the orchestrated sounds of buffeting wind and lashing rain. Pity the wild animals on a night such as that. By morning,

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Padstow and Carnewas

Courtesy of the eminent Mr. Rick Stein [all hail!], probably the most widely known town in the whole of Cornwall is Padstow, or Padstein as some wits like to tag it because of the plethora of the great man’s businesses

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Jigsaw Puzzle Blues

Now there’s a title for song, to be written by a suitably skilled  guitar-twanging tourist whilst waiting for a break in the Great British weather. Borrowing I believe to be a most appropriate phrase from a friend of mine, the

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Three Ports, Three Crab Sarnies

With a gap in the rain, today we took les mères on a bit of a north Cornwall coastal drive. First we plunged down one steep and twisting road into Port Gaverne before we immediately drove up another steep road

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Pasty Tax Day

I confess that Francine and I hardly ever listen to the radio. I am usually particularly critical of local radio announcing that, once again, the fire brigade was called out to rescue Mrs. Smith’s cat, Tiddles, who was yet again stuck

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Potential Clots

As a confirmed gastronomic tourist, there are a couple of necessities that ones taste buds should indulge in when visiting Cornwall. One of these, the revered Cornish pasty, we had sampled at the motorway services on own journey down. However,

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Packing off to Cornwall

Last year at about this time of year, we took our two getting-on-in-years mothers to south Devon for a week. One being 90 and the other 94, neither is particularly mobile and both have their own little foibles [don’t we

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