A Quiet Night

I put out three more of Aldi’s pork slurry sausages. I’ve taken to halving them crosswise in the hope that the pieces would be too thick for the pesky cats mouths.

When I retrieved foxcam I did have quite a few recordings, all but one of which frustratingly showed (bloody) cats;. We had two of the blasted things this time; Tampon had been joined by a local black and white pest. I don’t know if my ploy of leaving the sausage pieces thick helped but in any event the cats left them alone. I was suddenly reminded of an old sickly sweet Disney film with Hayley Mills called That Darn Cat. Maybe I should invest in night vision goggles and an airsoft gun.

BlacksocksThe one recording of any interest was at 02:20 when a fox entered from stage left and cautiously grabbed a chunk of sausage. This fox looked unfamiliar, the black marking on the muzzle was quite extensive with a point reaching almost to the nose. When comparing to my earlier gallery of rogues the most distinctive feature, however, was the  extent of the black on its legs – it’s forelegs were dark all the way up to the elbow equivalent and the hindlegs up to the knee equivalent. Following the Dances with Wolves lead, this has to Blacksocks, our fifth fox.

Blacksocks was very nimble and, I thought, perhaps a little smaller than others so I’m wondering if it might be quite young. Oddly, it didn’t return for any more sausage. It’s not, perhaps, keen on Aldi pork slurry and who could blame it?

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4 comments on “A Quiet Night
  1. Ann Walsh says:

    Hi! Love that foxes have got a friend in you. We had a fox visit this morning but we don’t get them often, well don’t notice them anyway. We don’t even leave food out for the birds these days because there are rats in this area but your photos have inspired us to set up something foxes can get but not rats e.g. carcase hanging from a string. Sadly we don’t feed hedgehogs for the same reason and they need friends as well. Presume you haven’t had any hedgehogs? xxx

    • Franco says:

      Well done, another example of getting inventive, eh? 🙂

      No, no hedgehogs yet – wrong season since they should be hibernating. I look forward to the spring, though.

  2. Ann Walsh says:

    Oh yes, that’s a point about hibernation! We can always tell when we’ve had a hedgehog visit because their poo is very distinctive.
    We had 3 at one point but they all disappeared. Saw a squashed hedgehog on the road near our house which was probably one and one drowned in our stupid neighbour’s pond. We made them a little ladder to put in their pond but horses bolting and all that.

    • Franco says:

      We did have a hedgehog sniffing about our front garden last year, a couple of times. Francine made me cut a bit out of our side gate so the hedgehog could get through. What happens is the (bloody) cats use it. 😀

      Hedgehogs are having a tough time of it.

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