Surprise, Surprise!

I chucked a few sausages and chicken leg bones out last night for our wandering waste disposal operatives. My heart sank a little when, having retrieved foxcam, I connected it and saw that I had nearly 30 video clips. My immediate thought was, “oh no, Tampon the (bloody) cat again”. I set Lightroom winding through its import and went away while it built the thumbnail preview images.

Broc-4Disappointment swiftly turned to elation when I saw that our first visitor, at 02:35, had been a Badger. You little beauty! OK, not so little. It entered stage right and wandered on set [get it?] too close to the camera so somewhat out of focus, though with this lens it’s hard to tell out of focus from in focus. For seven 20-second clips, it presented me with little but Badger’s bum, as it snacked. I finally got lucky in the next two clips, though, and managed a profile.

Broc [well, that’ll do unless/until I get more individuals] munched a bit and wandered around the garden, squatted on one occasion and on another appeared to scent-mark one of Francine’s plants, unceremoniously dumping its bum on it. Great stuff, we’ve had Limpy pissing up the hydrangea and Broc sitting on another bit of greenery [don’t ask]. 😀

Nothing more happened until 04:25 when Ratty entered stage right and started munching on the few remaining chicken bones. I really didn’t expect any to be remaining at that hour.

Surprise for RattyRatty got surprised, suddenly turning to peer at our garden gate, beneath which a pair of bright eyes could be seen shining in the dark. Something was trying to squeeze through the space under the gate. Once again I suspected Tampon the (bloody) cat and once again I was quite wrong. I lightened and enlarged the image and could just about see that it was actually another fox. It didn’t succeed in getting through the gap so I’ll never know which/who.

SleekRatty scarpered at about 04:30. We’re not quite done yet, though. Another fox entered stage left just a minute or so later. This chap/chapess looked to be in prime condition, limp-free and with a wonderful bushy brush sporting an obvious white tip. This is our fourth fox which has to be referred to as Sleek.

I don’t mind more nights like that, except I was awake tossing and turning until 3 AM. [Note to self: start drinking again.]

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