Grey Out

On Saturday we had used our lockdown exercise walk to wander into town for a raid on our monthly farmers market. It’s about a 4½-mile round trip, so a decent stretch.

I’ve become addicted to real ducks, ducks from the Franklins of Thorncote stall – aged ducks with flavour and …

… not those Gressingham apologies for ducks that are so young they have breast cartilages rather than breast bones (which distort when cooked) … and which have less meat possessing noticeably less in the way of duck flavour.
</grump> [Apologies, technical XML joke.]

Anyway, I was sad to learn that said ducks seem to be a Christmas thing and that none remained. As an enjoyable alternative I snagged a pheasant instead; we haven’t had pheasant for ages and it would make a refreshing change. I was hoping that a pheasant carcass might also make a refreshing change for our wandering waste disposal operatives, the foxes. I put the carcass out in two halves just before midnight.

In the morning the first order of business, after tea of course, is to peer out of the window to see if the bait has gone. It had. Then, while the coffee is brewing it’s time to retrieve foxcam and hook it up.

Last night makes me think foxcam should be renamed fogcam. It had recorded six clips of murky grey. I didn’t recall it being foggy but (un)clearly some had arisen.

Eyes in the glooomIn four clips eyes could be seen shining through the gloom. Three of the clips, recorded soon after 01:00, showed what was just identifiable as a fox. Furthermore, we could see that the fox had been limping badly, showing more of a limp than we’d seen hitherto. It was favouring the same leg as Limpy who has either suffered a relapse or someone else is suffering similarly. The grey out is such that we’ll never know.

The final clip of glowing eyes, at 05:00, was that (bloody) cat Tampon, again. I do wish people would keep their cats, particularly overly decorative lumps, in overnight. 😀

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