Toowoomba to Bingara

Today was to be a trek of about 360 kms. We hit the road at 09:30 after hitting Coles  a little before 09:00to stock the fridge and drinks cabinet.

I suddenly realized that Bingara is in NSW which is an hour ahead of Queensland, so we actually had an hour less than we originally thought we’d have to get there. Bloody Australian time zones can be tricky.

There’s a lookout in Toowoomba but the clouds were on the deck last night and this morning so the lookout was pointless. We just headed out.

FloodwaysWe drove through some annoying rain en route, which was pleasantly rural, albeit a little jiggly, but with little in the way of traffic. You never drive a road with this little traffic at home. At frequent intervals we crossed “floodways” which are low points across the road accompanied by depth markers. Happily, though we’d had some rain, we had no floods.

We crossed into NSW at Texas [go figure]. The changed time zone will give us lighter evenings which have been a little odd.

GoreSoaking up a little Ozzie rural culture en route, we stopped at a fuel station/rest stop at Gore [blink and you miss it]. The culture involved was a home made steak and kidney pie, which we shared for lunch. ‘T was very good. I’d asked for short black coffees but we got long black coffees. No matter.

At a hardware store in Warialda we tried to buy a sink plug but this proved to be too small. Still no functioning sink.

Arriving in Bingara, the office at the campsite appeared closed so Francine rang the number. The lady was in the office – she’d forgotten to change the sign. It’s a pleasantly rural campsite.

Busby II has an outside BBQ (actually two gas rings) on which we cooked Roo Burgers. They were excellent, accompanied by some salad.

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