The Build Begins

Our 4th set of workmen, Our Fitter Men ❗ , turned up on Thursday morning to attempt our 163-piece 3D jigsaw that should end up being our kitchen cabinets. Fitter B set about assembling the jigsaw while Fitter A started undoing our existing sink unit and studying/planning the plumbing changes.

As Fitter B progressed, the area began filling with assembled cabinet carcasses and the remaining pieces of jigsaw got fewer and fewer.

On Friday morning, Plumber Men turned up to fit the sexy vertical radiators onto the now painted walls. I had been desperate to get the walls painted first so as not to soil the white of the radiators. They filled the system with water and began balancing the valves to get all radiators working efficiently (we hope). We could now come off the expensive-to-run immersion heater option.

Weekend 4-0068By the end of the day we had most of one corner run of cabinets fitted. This is where our induction hob and two ovens (one a microwave combi unit) will eventually go, along with a free-standing fridge tucked in the corner. Built-in fridges are less capacious so we’re sticking with a free standing unit.

It looks as if the final paint shade we picked will be fine. Phew!

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