Our Window Wall

I have never understood what the f-f-f-flipping heck a wonderwall is/was. Oasis were talking/singing [singing?] complete tosh. “You’re my wonderwall”; what does that mean, you’re as thick as bricks?

No matter, today’s target was our Window Wall and under the window goes our sink and all the associated plumbing paraphernalia. Today, Fitter Men set about ripping out our old sink and associated plumbing and replacing it; just the plumbing for now, at least.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOff went the hot water, off went the cold mains water and out went the old copper pipes and waste pipes. Then Fitter Men started planning and installing the new stuff. As you can see, they’ve made a very neat job of it … and these aren’t the plumbers, technically, anyway.

I’d been looking forward to this part of the project. Our old mains water stopcock was seized up with chalk, so hard is our water. I used to be able to turn it off with the aid of a spanner. If I did turn it off, bits of chalk would break away and work their way up the cold riser, getting jammed in a the cold storage tank’s ballcock causing it not to shut off properly resulting in overflows. Now if we forced it with a spanner the thing most likely to break off might be the stopcock itself. Nobody wanted to risk it; our water supply was turned off at the meter. I always felt very vulnerable not being able to turn off the water supply at the main inlet.

We’ve got a nice new working stopcock now and I feel much more comfortable.

All our old waste and supply plumbing was inside the old sink cupboard. The new stuff runs behind the sink cupboard and looks much neater. There are water connections for the taps, of course, but also for our water softener. Where we used to have three separate waste pipes running through the wall, there is now just one. Much neater.

What we don’t have this evening is any sink or hot water tap. We’ve been washing up on the patio.

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