Sparky Serenade

New week, new tradesman.

Our electrician arrived at 08:45 on Monday to begin sorting out lights and power sockets. He’s a chirpy chappy. First he very sensibly revisited our requirements; the hiatus caused by lockdown dulls the memory, after all. As the boss, Francine, confirmed placements of power points and switches, he scribbled their positions on the walls in pencil.

Most workmen work to a radio and he was no exception. On it went, Radio 2, and he began singing away quite happily. Francine chuckled.

Electricians love it when the ceilings are down because they have unfettered access to remove the old cabling and rerun the new stuff. He soon had the old untidy stuff out and began running his supplies, and much more neatly than the original builders had, I might add.

He is a precise chappy too, which really impressed me. He was using a laser level to line things up between walls and I spotted him using a spirit level on every pattress box as he fixed it into the wall. He’s like me in that he likes accuracy and symmetry, spacing power points symmetrically above a future worktop.

We had a few planned power outages but no spasmodic unscheduled breaks so maybe that gremlin has been laid to rest. He will be changing us over to a new circuit breaker system instead of our archaic wire fuse box. We need a few extra circuits – there are 6 at at the moment – for two ovens and induction hob.

Francine is kicking me out of my office of many years standing and taking it over. The third bedroom is to become my office. My current situation is less than ideal because my new desktop has crappy wireless. My trusty old Dell desktop of 8 years had wonderful wireless fine but this one, 8 years younger, doesn’t “see” the router. So, I’ve been forced into using a powerline adapter between different power circuits which drops out occasionally, sometimes frequently. The new router position and my new office meant that sparky offered to run a Cat6 ethernet cable under the floor boards (while the ceiling was down) so I’m hoping things will get better.

A new photograph seemed a bit pointless because there really isn’t much to look at, we’ve simply swapped one dangling set of old cables for a partially dangling set of new cables.

Francine is still chuckling.

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