Piccadilly Circus

Builder Men had wanted to fix our new ceiling this morning. However, while the ceiling was down making all services readily accessible, I was keen to have our Plumber Men renew a few bath tub water supply joints. I had refitted the bathroom over 20 years ago and, out of necessity [lack of skill], had used a few push-fit connectors. Those connectors have a 20-year guarantee. They may have been fine but we don’t want them to let go and leak inside our nice new ceiling now, do we? So, proper compression joints it is, then. Our friendly Plumber Men helpfully shifted appointments so they could come and do it.

Our plumbers also delivered three fancy new radiators, worked out where they’d be fixed and began chasing channels in the floor to take the new supply pipes. ‘T was a noisy business.

Sparky was here for his day #3 at the same time. I’m not sure if he was still singing but if he was, we wouldn’t have heard him over the power tool chiselling up our kitchen floor.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHis first focus was putting in two double sockets for our router, NAS, lamp and phone, whilst also moving the BT socket back to where it enters the house. With the kitchen door removed, that space was now usable for the first time since the house was built.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInternet back up and working, he shifted his attention to the garage where the state of power was unclear, to me, at least. He spent the afternoon fitting a swanky distribution board with two circuits, one for the lights and one for mains power. He also spotted that our powered garage door was running just on an extension lead. He wired that into the circuit properly, too. Much better. I like this guy.

Both Plumber Men and Sparky left for the day. At 16:00 we thought that was it. Then Builder Man #2 pitched up and started preparing some fancy hoist to help with fixing our plasterboard ceilings. ‘T was too late in the day to make a start but they should be ready for the off tomorrow.

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