Side Project C

In the time lottery of our completed side projects, next up is my Man Cave. Yay! Some good news on Remembrance Day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was looking a bit bare last time, though it did have its smart new oak wood-effect flooring.

Speaking of grain, Man Cave goes against it. Man Cave is not painted in Francine’s corporate Wimborne White. [GASP] “Why on earth not?”, I hear you ask. Well, before settling on Wimborne White for the Kitchen/Diner, we thought we fancied Dulux Morning Light and I went and bought 10 litres of the stuff. It is a very similar colour, though with a touch more yellow and, since 10 litres cost about £120, rather than waste it … enough said.

Francine did a good job of planning use of the space, having found some reasonable looking office desks. There are a number of suppliers offering similar products and a swift spot of research proved that you have to be very careful when choosing where to place an order. One in particular had utterly appalling reviews the like of which I don’t think I’ve seen.

We heard favourable reports of National Office Furniture Supplies who had a large (1800mm x 1200mm) curved office desk that came packaged with a matching 400mm filing cabinet/drawer unit. Here it is, though I needed the right hand version. ‘T would be a perfect fit with space left for a document shredder. 😉

It was duly ordered on 26th October and turned up today. Communication throughout from the supplier seemed perfectly reasonable, both emails and phone calls to arrange delivery, and now I have it the quality feels good.

Man Cave (1 of 1)-lefrancofile-2The pedestal comes basically assembled but not so the desk. The assembly instructions required a little interpretation with components varying slightly from some of those shown but, calling on experience from Ikea assembly, all went well. It’s installed and feels terrific; I have SPACE. The cupboards, incidentally, are excellent and were from Ikea though they sadly no longer seem to be supplied.

I am going to have to add a bookcase for my collection of 40+ nature books, mostly field guides.

I now need a new monitor, too. The 8+ year old Dell 23” doesn’t have drivers for Win 10 and doesn’t quite fly properly – tries to enter power saving mode and gets stuck such that I can’t even power it down. Big red switch time. Bigger!

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  1. BlasR says:

    Looks like a main project! Not a C one. Very good.

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