Side Project B

Once we’d decided to continue our ground floor flooring into the cloakroom, .a.k.a. downstairs loo, it was but a short step to decide also to continue it into the utility room. Thus the utility room became side project B.

After the flooring, the main effort was to fit some cupboards to tidy things up. We’d needed a new worktop for years; I’d tried twice to replace it ordering a section from (bloody) Homebase but both attempts failed ‘cos (bloody) Homebase supplied damaged worktop twice. This time the nice folks at Ultrawood Interiors donated a perfect worktop that was superfluous to requirements gratis. How’s that for service? It’s even in trendy grey, not that we particularly want trendy.

Utility (1 of 1)As you might see from the picture, a very skinny ceiling light was needed to enable cupboard doors to open. We found a suitable fitting and I fitted it.

Glitch number I’ve-lost-count happened when fastidious Mr. Fitter came to hang the cupboards – the far cupboard had been supplied with no door. Naturally one was ordered (I can’t call it a replacement ’cos there was nothing to replace).

Meanwhile, Francine’s washing machine had been refusing to work with fabric softener for some time and, as well as replacing that, she was keen to get rid of our tumble drier which she now saw as a fire risk, a few having apparently burst into flames having used the collected fluff as tinder. So, Francine began investigating a combined washer/drier. Some such machines don’t enjoy the greatest of reputations but you can waste half a lifetime fretting about things so, after due diligence, she opted for a Bosch.

Our missing cupboard door turned up. Making glitch number I’ve-lost-count-plus-one, the missing cupboard door was supplied with the holes for its hinge attachments in the wrong places. Brilliant. Somebody must’ve changed the jig. Who’d’a thunk it? A second was ordered specifying exactly where the holes needed to be.

At last, today, our second missing door turned up and Mr Fitter came to hang it. Joy of joys, the hinge holes were now correct. You really do have to have your holes in the right places.

So, in the race to the line for our final two outstanding side projects, the utility room beat the cloakroom by a short head.

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