Restoring Sanity

Today began pretty much as yesterday left off, with grey skies and monotonous rain. Oh joy, this was not why we flew to Spain. Just to add insult to injury, we learned that temperatures at home yesterday had exceeded 20°C while we languished in something more like 14°C 1000 miles further south. 🙁

Host Chris wasn’t much happier, either. He’d examined his pool and discovered that the rain we were suffering had been dirty and that the pool, which was now overflowing, would need cleaning. That gave us an excuse for a trip to a local pool supply merchant, rejoicing in the name of Ju Ju Ju [pronounced hoo-hoo-hoo], to get the requisite materials. I was surprised to see Weber BBQ kettles in stock, too – presumably these are swimming pool accessories – but what a price; a little Smokey Joe was over €90/£78/$120. Yikes! At least another country thinks that barbecues should still be charcoal as opposed to gas, though. I’d be getting my pool cleaning lesson before being left in charge.

To everyone’s considerable relief, including the resident canine, mid-afternoon brought hope as the rain stopped and a few breaks began to appear in the formerly solid grey. The blue gaps made headway and the prisoners were able to get out into the exercise yard in search of sanity-restoring diversion.

No self-respecting insects would be fluttering around in these temperatures so, photographically we were stuck with the flowers. Francine and I both settled on a bottle brush, which had been collecting the rain. Here’s a combined study in red and rain drops.

J01_2292 Bottle Brush_MG_5720J01_2284 Bottle Brush

After exercising a few pixels, we even managed a family walk into Jalón for a beer or two in the local square. We’re not getting too excited, though, since the forecast is for this rubbish to continue up to and including Monday. Growl!

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