Premature Evacuation

The rain which returned yesterday late afternoon remained with us overnight. Today’s weather guess was for a brighter afternoon but instead we’ve got clouds descending ever lower and further rain, originally on and off, now seemingly persistently. With weather forecasts this good, I really don’t know why they bother issuing any. Their guess for Saturday and Sunday is for continued rain, mostly heavy with some lighter spells, but rain all day both days nonetheless. There is only so much entertainment one can derive from sitting inside Guillaume, delightful though he is. Sudokus all begin to look the same after an hour or so. The prospect of two more stir-crazy days is too much. We have admitted defeat and have decided to pull out tomorrow. Guillaume is coming home early, tomorrow, Saturday. 

I’ve phoned the Dulverton campsite, which was to be our port of call for next week, and cancelled our reservation. We see no point spending a further £25 a night to watch rain falling.


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