More Smoke

Yesterday, the forces of good were being stretched to the limit by a large wildfire deliberately started by some mental degenerates near Javea. When we returned to our own valley, that, too, began filling with smoke though we could see no immediate cause. W were told in the evening that the smoke was spreading from the next valley south of us, towards Tarbena. We saw a few helicopter sorties but the light would soon be fading and flying would have to be halted.

Yesterday evening, because of ten smoke filled air, we had to sit inside with all the windows shut. With temperatures in the very high 30sC, there was nothing for it, we just had to give our air-conditioning installation a try out. I hope our bank manager doesn’t mind too much. 🙂

This morning we saw smoke rising again from beyond the hills. Soon, there was the distinctive “whop, whop” of helicopter rotors, soon joined by a couple of smaller fixed-wing aircraft.  Eventually, these were joined by four considerably larger aircraft, seaplanes, I think, that clearly carried a larger payload and it would be hoped, a more effective punch.

J16_0488Chopper water bomberThe helicopters, their buckets slung beneath them, were picking up water from a large deposito in Alcalali. We could watch them fly in from the direction of the Bernia, then return with spray trailing from the buckets.

J16_0471Firefighting choppersJ16_0489Off to the fireThe fire was being fought on at least two fronts. Initially, we saw attention being centred on an area close to the col du Rates. Later, though, we could see orange flames climbing the western side of the Bernia itself and attention then switched to that area. The four seaplanes soon extinguished that swathe of orange.

Mid afternoon and the aerial fire fighting continues. We’ve heard nothing as to the cause of this particular conflagration. Let’s hope that it wasn’t another deliberate arson attack. Such reckless idiocy is simply beyond belief. Since there have been no lightning strikes, another cause of wildfires, even if not deliberate then it was probably an act of stupidity.

We’re off out to dinner in Alcalali, this evening. It’ll be interesting to get some local opinion.

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