McWedding Day

The day had arrived, Francine’s niece’s wedding day, the day that led us into this Scottish voyage of discovery. Staggeringly, after the day’s opening couple of showers – 100% record of wet days in Scotland maintained – something peculiar and, by me, completely unexpected happened: some blue appeared in the sky and the sun shone. The happy couple must be truly blessed.

The wedding ceremony, in South Queensferry registrar’s office, overlooked the old and instantly recognisable Firth of Forth rail bridge. In the brightest weather since crossing Hadrian’s wall, the view was appropriately inspirational. Less inspirational, was the fact the script and signing of official documents took place in a bay window overlooking the view and the bright light of the window made well-balanced photography all but impossible. Everyone was having a good time, though, and smiles were broad so who cares? 🙂

J01_0198 Wedding view

We wandered outside for some more photo opportunities overlooking that bridge but this time leaning against some frankly unattractive grey railings. (There’s a lot of grey in Scotland; there seems to be an obsession with grey.) Now the awkward items to deal with were other guests’ small digital cameras, held aloft across your field of view while said guest peered upwards at the rear screen. I began to envy professional photographers formally posing endless group shots; it might seem dull but it does give them unfettered access and directional control. A photographic free-for-all makes life extremely difficult.

The clan of assembled revellers enjoyed a tasty meal including various Scottish specialities such as black pudding, haggis and rib eye steak. The dining room suffered from the same issue as the registry office – the happy couple were sitting in a bay window with their backs to that bridge, once again strongly backlit by the still bright daylight. We did what we could.

I took a particular liking to the groom  because of his approach: he dislikes formality and official protocols so the whole affair was delightfully relaxed and easy-going, without any of the normal stuffiness, nor the torture of having to endure seemingly endless speeches. Bravo!

Once my day’s driving duties were over, I could enjoy my wedding favour, a wee dram, back in the comfort of Guillaume.

Our thanks to the bride and groom and best wishes to them for their future.

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