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Our original plan was to return home on Monday but we don’t have to be home until Tuesday. So, Francine asked if we could stay on an extra day. Regrettably this wasn’t possible since all five pitches were booked. So, Monday it is, then.

One of those having booked the pitches arrived this morning. Here was someone who doesn’t believe in travelling light. As well as unloading two 40ltr water containers (which seems to have become de rigeur these days), he also unloaded twin waste water containers (which I’ve never seen done before). The waste outlets are side by side on the van so a little of the normally required plumbing would have made one waste container perfectly adequate, I’d have thought. Weird! Not, however, as weird as the next item unloaded: here was someone travelling with two large flower pots, one of appears to be a long planter containing seedling lettuces. Now I’ve seen it all. They’ve got a dog, too.

Our usual leaden grey skies were back but we thought we’d risk a walk into Seahouses to try the coastal path in this neighbourhood. We got to Seahouses just as the rain did and took shelter under a small arcade outside a few shops. As I stood there waiting for the rain to desist, I heard a woman mutter, “stay outside with your dad, darling”. I turned expecting to see a small child but, no, Mrs Bozo had been talking to a dog. The dog, of course, understood every single word and suffered an immediate identity crisis thinking it had been fathered by a human. Ye gods!

The afternoon brightened so wandered a while along the coast near good ol’ Bamburgh castle. Whilst a decent photographic subject, it really must be the ugliest castle I’ve ever seen. It is imposing, though. We returned to another new camper setting up with yet another dog. They were setting up next door to another dog-owning camper (a third one, not the first one I mentioned). As we ferried stuff from car to Guillaume, I heard the new camper encouraging their dog to “go and say hello nicely” [to its new canine neighbour]. Once again, I’m sure it understood perfectly. It’s enough to make you puke.

There’s supposed to be good weather here for the next three days, sod it! The rain’s returned this evening though so I shan’t be sorry to get home. I can’t ever recall saying that before.

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