Drifting Aroma

We had yet another barbecued shoulder of lamb last night. Well, with Waitrose offering money off it would be rude not to. That meant we had another shoulder blade and knuckle to put out for our local foxes. As I did put it out, a bit before 22:00, I heard a hurried departure of something sizeable from the garden. Hmmm.

Limpy and LambThe lamb remains did their trick. Shortly after 22:00 Foxcam recorded our favourite [fox formerly known as] Limpy sniffing around and finally munching our offerings. This was earlier than we’re used to. Since Limpy’s visit was quite soon after I’d put out the bait, I can’t help but wonder if it had been him that I’d disturbed as I put it out but I didn’t think he’d be there before the food was.

Limpy and BBQThen I looked at a subsequent clip. ‘T was Limpy again, even though all the food was now gone. He wandered around the garden obviously sniffing the air. He was sniffing most often in the direction of our patio where our Weber, which would still have been warm, sat burning out and cooling down. That would certainly still have been giving off the aroma of lamb adhering to the cooking grid and drifting up through the vent holes.

Perhaps the aroma from the cooling Weber had attracted him before I’d actually put out any remnants. Then I’d startled him as I did go out. Alas, I’ll never know, though it sounds plausible.

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2 comments on “Drifting Aroma
  1. BlasR says:

    Sounds very likely to me, but be warned. Our one cat would steal things off neighbours’ BBQs. Yes, half uncooked.

    • Franco says:

      Not a problem, I only ever cook on the Weber complete with lid.

      Mind you, if the neighbour’s cat chose to jump on the BBQ and grill itself, I wouldn’t object. :O

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