A Different Badger

Limpy and duck legFoxcam went out again last night ‘cos we’d got a couple of duck leg bones to dispose of. Dutifully, in wandered our favourite [fox formerly known as] Limpy, who seems to be our most frequent visitor. He was in the garden for about five minutes from half past midnight dutifully recycling out duck leg bones.

Somewhat curiously, having amassed a count by my reckoning of five different foxes, some of which were very distinctive, seen after we began recording, for the last several weeks we have seen no sign of the others.

2nd BadgerAt 02:45 we had a more interesting development. A badger was caught on camera, back towards us. It was squatting at first, so maybe scent-marking. After that, it wandered about and we could see this was not Broc – it clearly had two eyes reflecting like headlights whereas Broc notably has just one. Our new badger sniffed around, scent-marked again but basically just wandered through.

We’re intrigued to know where the set might be.

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  1. BlasR says:

    Excellent news.

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