Crêpie Birthday

Our main reason for meeting our friends, Mike & Linda, in this neck of the woods was for a double birthday celebration. Francine has become very fond of a sunny seafood lunch overlooking our favourite harbour in Marseillan. As it happens, Linda, whose birthday is the day before Francine’s, seemed to find that idea appealing so our plan for this combined jolly was hatched.

IMG_1835_Pancake_tossing Francine has another little plan simmering away in her head. When we move on to Fanjeaux, during our stay their it will be farmer Luc’s 50th. We’ll have missed his fête [party] which was held a week ago when all his family could attend, but Francine fancies making him some English pancakes to compare to French crêpes. Having not made them for many years, she was keen to practice. After all, we can’t have the French thinking that British food is substandard, can we? She’s even come equipped with a non-stick frying pan to practice the all-important tossing of the pancake to cook the second side. Organized or what? Today being Linda’s birthday, Francine practiced on us for breakfast.

There’s been a cloud forming on the horizon for most of the week. First of all, Mike & Linda’s daughter developed an upset intestinal tract. She left on Friday and is now home and better. A few days ago, Mike developed a similar complaint which seemed to be improving. Overnight, however, he suffered a relapse. Part way through this morning, Linda began complaining of what seemed like the beginnings of the same problem.

Eating was not a good idea for either of them and, besides, the sky really is overcast today so lunch in Marseillan harbour has been cancelled. Being under the weather away from home is decidedly worse than in familiar surroundings so they’ve cancelled their last night here and are driving back home.

An unfortunate way to end the week. We feel a little flat but will move on tomorrow and have Francine’s birthday meal with the sheep on the farm at Fanjeaux.

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