Block Work

Our day’s glitch was early coming.

No sooner had Man #1 arrived than my PC began suffering brief power interruptions. It went, came back, went away again, came back again, then went away and stayed away. No lights anywhere, no power on either mains circuit. This was clearly not a single fuse [there are six] – everything was on furlough but no circuit was giving us 80%. Our neighbour had power so this was limited to us. All our fuses were intact [they are still real wire fuses].

Having next discovered that our meter box key had disappeared, presumably in the sweeping up, main Man manged to open the electricity meter cupboard with pliers. A circuit breaker therein had tripped. No individual house circuit had blown but the supply cabinet had tripped. Odd. After resetting the trip switch, naturally it soon tripped again.

We have lighting suspended by wiring and 30amp ring main boxes dangling freely, too. The cooker circuit had been buried in the wall that we no longer have. Main Man planned to try circuits one by one and began by pulling the cooker circuit fuse. So far our restored power remained restored.

Our restored electricity began powering a pleasantly quiet cement mixer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday was a Block work day, rebuilding the one originally unstable stub wall, shortening the opposite too-long stub wall, filling in the now unwanted doorway into the original kitchen, then removing and filling in the side kitchen window.

We do need a slightly more inventive than usual solution to venting the eventual extractor hood. A steel cross beam (supporting an upstairs wall) sits directly above where the hood will be. Typical. Murphy’s Law strikes again.

On a higher note, our not-very-old Bosch dishwasher has found a new home, so that’s being re-used rather than recycled.

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