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After our first night in Casa we pronounced the guest bed fit for purpose. There was a problem, though. For the last three months, my right foot has been plagued by an attack of plantar fasciitis. At some time during our ferry crossing to Bilbao and subsequent 8-hour drive down to Jalón, I had felt a twinge of discomfort in my left foot. I had hoped this was just a passing irritation but alas, I awoke with a matched pair of uncomfortable feet. Bu**er! I now seem to have plantar fasciitis in both feet. How the hell did I manage to develop plantar fasciitis doing nothing more than lazing about on a boat and driving, for Darwin’s sake? I now didn’t know which foot to limp on, right or left. Certainly walking has suddenly gone from being somewhat uncomfortable to being almost painful. OK, a diet of paracetamol washed down by rosado looms, methinks. Sod, not to put too fine a point on it!

[A philosophical aside: if someone is limping on both legs, does that actually constitute a limp? Perhaps limping on the second leg cancels out the effect of limping on the first leg and ones gait is evened out. Maybe a 2-legged limp is really a hobble.]

Our main task of the day was to struggle gamely through the discomfort and buzz around to our three furniture suppliers, hopefully arranging for the delivery of the furnishings we had ordered on our previous trip. First stop was the Bed Specialists just above Calpe where we confirmed that both bed and mattress appeared to have arrived and could be delivered on Monday. We paid the balance on our bed and moved on, after Francine had lashed out on yet another pillow.

Less than half a kilometre further down the road at the exit to Calpe sur [Calpe south] was Aitana whose very helpful lady had left a message on my mobile phone, before we’d left the UK, that our two 2-seater sofas were in and ready for delivery. Out came our credit card again and we were on for delivery tomorrow, time to be notified later by phone. Excellent, we should soon have some seating that was more comfortable than our camp chairs which could now be our balcony chairs.

Back on to the exit road into Calpe sur and on to find a parking space somewhere near the Danish company, JYSK, where we had fallen in love with their Royal Oak range of dining room furniture. We’d previously ordered a dining table complete with an extension leaf, six chairs, modest sideboard/credenza, TV table and coffee table. However, back home in the UK Francine had spotted that there was now yet another sale on, this time in celebration of JYSK’s 5-year anniversary. . It had only been a few weeks since their last sale. Clearly this was a place where one really shouldn’t pay full price; wait for the next sale. Casa Libélule was still in need of some bookshelves for our nature books, a writing desk for printer and laptops, and some filing drawers in a wheelie trolley device that would fit beneath the escritorio [writing desk], this last for official documents . Out came our credit card again and we paid the balance on our first order whilst pacing and paying for a second order. We lucked out – all the items for our second order were in stock and everything could be delivered tomorrow. Excellent! That little lot should be a decent van load.

What fun it is spending money. Hopefully it will soon stop. It had better soon stop ‘cos I don’t think we’re going to have space for much else, never mind the funds to cover it. Well, we may still need an occasional bed in the third bedroom/office, perhaps.

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