Aldi’s Finest

We needed more fox bait. I certainly didn’t want to keep snagging (bloody) cats. I wondered about a party pack of Richmond Pork Sausages, which I wouldn’t normally countenance but for fox bait, they may be OK.

We walked in to town for some decorating supplies so Francine popped into Aldi on a sausage hunt. Richmond? Pah, for too expensive! She emerged with two packs of Aldi pork sausages priced at a whopping £1.20 for a pack of 12. Strewth! Richmond bangers, themselves poor, are twice that. These are what the late, lamented Keith Floyd, upon whom I model myself [never cook without a glass bottle of wine] would’ve called Unidentified Frying Objects. Let’s try foxy on these.

The Aldi sausages did, of course, look like very pallid mechanically recovered meat slurry squirted into skins. However, I persevered and cooked a dozen in the oven along with our rather more colourful and palatable Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables.

I split my fox bait in half lengthwise and put half a dozen out soon after 22:00.

I hadn’t got the positioning or line-up of the camera quite right but, at about 00:20 our limping fox, naturally now christened Limpy, dutifully appeared and cautiously began tucking in to the sausage halves. It would pick one up and scoot off to cover behind a bush to eat in peace. ‘T was a rotten night; I could just discern rain falling on the recording.

Limpy is male-1We’d been wondering what sex Limpy might be. I’m rubbish at sexing foxes but in one clip, Limpy gave me a clue. Whilst exiting right and passing Francine’s Hydrangea, Limpy cocked his leg up the plant. Quite right, Limpy, that’s my opinion of Hydrangeas, too. 😀

DCIM0116-1I’d left the trail cam switched to 24hr mode instead of just night mode. Out of evil curiosity, here’s a daytime colour shot of two Blackbirds foraging in the morning, just to show how awful that lens really is. It should be called a trial cam, not a trail cam, and I’d find it guilty.

[ After an attack of conscience for animal welfare, I won’t be buying ridiculously cheap sausages again since I’m quite sure that the poor beasts from which they are made will have been kept in appalling conditions for the all-too-brief duration of their lives. ]

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