A Black Day

IMG_20160106_114402317 6th Jan AlteaWell, what can I say? Admittedly we have spent a Christmas in Spain before and that visit suffered mixed weather. This time, however, our first #Chrexit to our own Casa has been blessed with nothing but brilliant weather and mostly brilliant temperatures. Sadly, tomorrow we fly back to what will undoubtedly be a cold and very soggy UK. Soggy? Understatement! Parts of the UK, of course, are completely inundated having been battered by one Atlantic Storm after another, just days apart. In complete contrast, here’s our last day here seen from Altea looking towards Calpe.

IMG_20160106_132808747 Arroz NegroWandering up and down the front at Altea was pleasant enough but nothing grabbed by way of a lunch establishment so we returned to Calpe and the fishing harbour with its selection of fishy restaurants. We ate there yesterday and were impressed by the lady of the family beavering away in the kitchen. The family approach appealed to us so we headed straight back where Francine’s eyes were taken by Arroz Negro con Chiperones [black rice with baby squid]. It’s essentially a fishy, black paella. Here it is and very splendid it was, too. The lady of the family certainly knows what she’s doing.

Morcilla and HabasContinuing what was turning out to be a black theme, our evening meal was a favourite mixture of morcilla [Spanish black pudding] and habas [broad beans], helped by a little garlic, which seemed only fair. Francine even cooked it for me so I was off duty for my last evening in Spain. Delicious!

We’ve been inordinately lucky with the weather and the joy of escaping those dire, horribly commercial English Christmases is hard to overstate. I know we won’t always be so lucky but a #Chrexit to Spain will most certainly feature in our planning again.

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